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Techie Travel Bits is designed to bring you information on the best travel gadgets as well as tips and tricks to make your traveling easier. Whether you are going on a short excursion or long haul flight, my goal is to inform you of new and exciting technology that can make traveling easier.

Best Travel Gadgets

I’ve been fascinated with gadgets for many years now. I think it actually really kicked in when mobile phones were invented. I remember thinking about the future of technology even way back then. At the time, I bought a much sought after Dell PDA. Yes, I did! At that time, I knew that eventually mobile phone technology and the PDA would be a marriage made in heaven. I had no idea that we’d move so far so fast. Now we have smart phones. Everyone has one now so there’s no excuse for not keeping in touch with people. Not to mention how much you can organize your whole life on one.

My fascination with travel gadgets or technical gadgets of any kind has been hard to keep up with simply because the technology changes so rapidly. My wallet isn’t always accommodating in allowing me the pleasure to indulge in all things techie. And let’s face it, I don’t actually NEED all the latest and greatest techie gadgets. But it’s sure fun to check them all out and even invent a reason to buy them!

I wish there was a gadget for that!

A lot of times when I travel, I’m in a position to say to myself, “wow, I wish there was a gadget for that.” And chances are, there is. Some gadgets can be very reasonably priced, while others can be quite expensive. It all depends on what you are looking for. I recently came across a portable projector that is perfect for travel because it’s no bigger than a can of soda!

And while I can get carried away with my shiny little gadget toys, I’m pretty careful about what I buy. I do my research. I make sure that the product has a good shelf life, battery life, etc. There’s no point investing in a pretty little gadget if it’s going to break after a few uses.

My goal is to bring you information, both good and bad, about the latest travel technology out there on the best travel gadgets. While these gadgets will be directed to people who travel, in many cases, they can be used for more than one situation. This site will include reviews on must have travel gadgets, business travel gadgets, and others. So if you are traveling for business, pleasure, with your family or not, I hope you’ll find some interesting and helpful information here.