Ahhhh! Technology! Where would we be without it, right? I’ve been a gadget girl for as long as I can remember. I’ve been involved with computers in some way since I was 19 which is most of my life. It has only served to make me more hungry for all those techie gadgets! So I guess that makes me a gadget junkie.

There was a time back when I was on my own when I ABSOLUTELY had to have the latest gizmo. The latest and greatest 35mm camera, computer, PDA, and now cell phone. But, I’ve had to learn to be selective over the years. I just can’t go out buying the latest and greatest gadgets unless they have a useful purpose in my life. But you can justify anything, right? Still, it never stops me checking them out and I’m always on the lookout for the next great techie gadget.

So if you pair my love of all those techie gadgets with my love for travel, that’s how this site was born. I’ve done my fair share of traveling over the years. I’ve been on most modes of transportation at one time or another and each time I make a trip somewhere, I find there’s yet another gadget to make the trip less painful.

That’s not to say that the journey isn’t enjoyable. There are many ways to make a journey more comfortable and more enjoyable. I’ll bring you information on everything I can find that can help make travel more comfortable. Whether you are backpacking up in the mountains or traveling with your family of small children, there are plenty of things that can help you.

So take a cruise around the site! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist that little pun!) Hopefully, you’ll find plenty of information that will help you in your travels!

All the best,