How To Print Pictures From Your Cell Phone

One of the coolest things about smart phones is that they have built-in cameras! You’re at a special event like a wedding, baby shower, or bachelor party and you’re snapping away like crazy. It would be so cool if you could print those pictures right there and give them away to people without having the drama of getting them printed elsewhere! This article will show you how to print pictures from your cell phone using a few different techniques.

How Do I Print From My Phone?

This may seem like a no-brainer to anyone who has a little technical knowledge but it’s not simple to a lot of us. The standard life cycle of a cell phone ranges anywhere from 2-5 years. I’ve had a Samsung Galaxy S2 for 5 years now. I love my phone. But I am now faced with updating my phone because I don’t have enough storage to receive application updates.  So printing pictures from your phone requires a few awkward steps that take time.

So Here’s the Catch….

In order to print from my phone, I have to transfer those pictures to my laptop using a USB cable, insert an USB stick, and save the pictures on that device. Then I have to drive somewhere that has a photo kiosk or department and upload them. Then wait for them to be printed. But hey, let’s talk about how to get those fabulous photos off your phone in the first place. Here are some storage ideas for your pictures.

Upload Photos To Gmail

If you don’t have a gmail account, you would be wise to get one. One of the great things about having a gmail account is that you can configure your phone to upload photos directly to your Photos folder in your gmail drive. The beauty of this is that if you start getting low on storage space on your phone, you can delete the photos once they are uploaded to your gmail drive. This system will work for all non-iPhone type smart phones. The other beautiful thing about uploading to your Gmail photo folder is that your gmail drive comes with 15 GB of FREE storage!

iPhone storage

When you buy an iphone, it comes with 5 GB of free cloud storage. Compare that with 15GB of free Google storage. After that, it’s gonna cost ya.  Here’s some information on Apple’s cloud storage plans. I’d say you could fill up 5 GB of storage pretty quick by doing basically nothing.


Dropbox is another option for storing photos. Again, you can install the app on your phone and sync it so that all your photos get uploaded directly to Dropbox. The only problem here is that Dropbox only give you 2 GB of storage space. Not a lot of space at all.

External Storage

If you have an external hard drive, you can easily transfer your photos, and any files you want to back up, to an external hard drive. Most phones come with a USB cable so that you can connect to your PC. Connect your phone to your PC. Then navigate to the phone and find the photos. COPY to a folder on your PC. Then copy again to your external hard drive. Once you know that all the files have been copied safely to your external drive, you can then delete them off your phone and your PC.


How Do I Print From My Cell Phone?

Ok, so enough about storing photos. How the heck can you print pictures from your cell phone? You can actually get a small printer for your cell phone that is designed to attach to your phone so that you can print your photos right after you take them!  So here’s a few little printers for your cell phone that can take the drama out of bringing the files to a photo center. Your welcome!

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