Mini Projector For Travel – A Nebula Capsule Review

Family vacations are fun but there are times when you’d love to take a few minutes for yourself and still keep the kids occupied in a safe environment where they can have fun, too. Having a portable cinema with you when you travel would be pretty awesome, right? So if you’re looking for a mini projector for travel, the Nebula Capsule may be worth considering. In this article, let’s hash out what the Nebula Capsule is all about.


What is The Nebula Capsule?

The Nebula Capsule is a tiny portable projector that uses an Android Operating system. You can use it anytime and anywhere. The software is Android 7.1 operating system and is no bigger than a can of soda. Because it’s wireless, you have the freedom to use it in places where cables can’t reach such as the back of a tent or the side of a garage or even a ceiling.


The Nebula Capsule allows you to stream music, videos, movies, presentations, TV programs and more. You can operate it directly from your phone with the Operate Capsule application.


What Comes With Your Nebula Capsule?

When you purchase your Nebula Capsule, you’ll get the capsule, user’s manual, remote control device, power adapter and a 12-month warranty.


Nebula Capsule Specifications

Dimensions: 4.72 x 2.67″ diameter

Weight: 16.6 oz

Power Consumption: <10W

Display Technology: 0.2″ 854x480p DLP

Light Source: RGB LED

Projection Image Size:  20 – 100″

Resolution: 854 x 480px

Brightness: 100 ANSI Lumens

Contrast Ratio: 400:1

CPU: Quad core A7

Operating System: Android 7.1



Bluetooth version: 4.2

USB File System: FAT32

Movie Playtime: 4 hrs in battery mode (approx.)

Music Playtime:  30 hrs in Bluetooth speaker mode (approx.)


Nebula Capsule Review


Does Nebula Capsule Work With iPhone?

Yes. The Nebula Capsule works with many wireless devices such as the iPhone, Android phones. Apple TV, laptops, Roku 3, Amazon Fire TV stick, Plex, and even your cable box. You may have to use the HDMI cable to connect.


The Technical Bit

How Many Lumens Do I Need For An Outdoor Projector?

First, let’s outline what a lumen is. A lumen is a measure of light much like a light bulb. The higher the number of lumens in a bulb, the brighter the light. The Nebula Capsule has a 100 ANSI lumen bulb and can project a picture up to 100 inches.


What Is a Good Contrast Ratio For A Projector?

First, let’s define contrast ratio. Contrast ratio is the contrast of how bright and dark colors are displayed. This is especially evident in dark areas such as a movie theatre. The higher the number the better quality and clarity of your picture. If you’ve ever been shopping for a TV you may remember how some TVs had sharper pictures than others. This is because of the contrast ratio. The contrast ratio for the Nebula Capsule is 400:1. The 400 represents the amount of white and the 1 represents the amount of black. In looking for the best picture quality you also have to know the lumen information.


How Do You Charge a Nebula Capsule?

To charge your Nebula Capsule, connect the USB cable to the capsule. Plug the USB port into the plug and plug it into a wall socket. When the capsule has been fully charged, you’ll see a green light.


Nebula Capsule Pros and Cons


  • 12-month warranty
  • Assorted built-in apps such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon video.
  • Great customer service: While there were a few customers who were unhappy with this product, Anker Customer Service responded to every complaint reminding customers of the 12-month warranty and leaving a link to contacting them.
  • Can read from USB devices in FAT 32 format
  • Fits on a standard tripod
  • Connects to wireless Bluetooth speakers and many other wireless devices


  • Remote is not Bluetooth. It is IR.
  • Need a dongle to enable Google Chromecast
  • Some customers have complained that the connection keeps dropping.
  • Poor sound quality according to some customers

Special Features or Considerations

Due to copyright laws, some content can’t be mirrored or screencast. You will need to download the apps to your Nebula Capsule directly.

How Do I Choose a Mini Projector For Travel?

No matter what mini portable projector you choose, there are many occasions where you can use them. At home, use it for movies, as an additional speaker and more. You can use it for kids’ parties and more. You don’t necessarily have to use it for travel. But it would certainly come in handy there as well. So let’s see what else is out there that might be useful to you. Hopefully, you’ll find one that ticks all the boxes for you.


Nebula Capsule: is perfect to use in a living room or bedroom where it’s not too far from a wall. Very convenient for traveling with family or young children. It packs well as it’s the size of a soda can. Perfect travel companion.

Nebula Mars II: This is a step up from the Nebula Capsule and is a little bulkier as well. The benefits to this model that it has 300 ANSI Lumens. Auto-focus, 30-150” DLP picture, dual 10W audio drivers. The picture and sound quality on this model gives you a cinematic feel. This is perfect for creating a home cinema environment.

Nebula Mars Lite Portable Cinema: This unite is similar to the Mars II above. Single second autofocus. The major difference with this model is that it is not wireless. Connect through USB, HDMI, or AUX-in to play frm a laptop, flash drive or TV box.

Nebula Capsule II Smart Mini Projector: Cutting edge technology in this model. 200 ANSI Lumen up to 100”. Ideal for low-light environments. Premium Scan-Speak transducers, Android TV 9.0, 3,600 apps including YouTube, Hulu, Twitch and more. Razor sharp high definition image. This is for the serious gamer or anyone who wants an awesome cinema experience in their home.


Is The Nebula Capsule Worth The Money?

If you are looking for a mini projector for travel, the Nebula Capsule is a convenient way to have portable entertainment with you wherever you travel. It won’t take up much room in a suitcase and you can even take it with you in a large purse or backpack along with your Kindle and your portable printer so you can print photos from your cell phone. Not only will it travel well, it would be a great start to creating your own home cinema environment.

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